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Wooden Candle Sticks hand turned craft True Grace dinner colourful candle sticks
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pascale store’s christmas gift guide

Pascale Store’s Christmas Gift Guide . Whether it’s finding the perfect standout ‘big’ present, packing a sock with stocking fillers or choosing a thoughtful gift for your homeware-loving loved one, the Pascale Store Christmas gift guide has something for everyone. read more
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Behind the Scenes

This summer my Pa turned 90. The family gathered, as they do every summer, to celebrate in South-West France. The event was photographed for The Telegraph Magazine by the talented and delightful Nicolas Blandin. read more
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Corinne de Haas

For more than 27 years Corinne de Haas has been producing fabulous handmade ceramics from her studio in Cape Town, South Africa. Her bowls, platters, citrus squeezers and oven-to-tableware, while truly special, are nevertheless specifically designed for everyday use. read more
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The Mighty Beetroot

I absolutely love Beetroot, but I think it’s a bit like the Royal family, it divides opinion – you either love it or don’t see the point. My daughter Mary recently asked “Why would I eat something that tastes like dirt with sugar?” read more