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2020’s veg varieties. Part 1: in the greenhouse

My obsession with growing vegetables started on a holiday in Cornwall when staying in a cottage on the Porth En Alls estate, when we were delivered a trug filled with heirloom vegetables. It was 18 years ago but I will never forget marvelling at the purple and white and yellow carrots, the beautiful chard and bunches of spinach. Back then, with only a tiny, very shady garden and no greenhouse, growing my own vegetables was a pipe dream


When I was a child we often had Easter at my the farmhouse of my Walloon grandparents. They had 18 grandchildren and it wasn’t uncommon for us all to be there on Easter day. Easter was a really big deal, at least as big as Christmas – possibly even more celebrated and la table de Paqûes, was one of the highlights of our year.

Mother's Day chicken recipe and gift guide


Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. I’m lucky enough to be a mother myself and I know how important it is to me, far more so than anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas as being a mother to my own children and a maternal presence for my nephews, nieces, godchildren and the children of my friends is something that has made me happiest in my life.


I absolutely love crab apple trees, so pretty and so productive, from their lovely blossom in spring right through to bright little fruit in the autumn which stay happily on the tree right into winter. Just when the garden is looking particularly stark, they provide vibrant splashes of colour and as well as being ornamental, crab apples are a food supply for birds and with a minimal amount of effort food for us too. 

Memory tree

I once read that the architect John Pawson likes his houses so minimal and clutter free, he doesn’t even allow family photos, his wife has to keep them in a drawer. This is very much not my style. We seem to never stop accumulating ‘stuff’, most of it is tat but some things look cool and have meaning and those are the things I want to keep, at least for a little while.

christmas 2019 gift guide

Whether it’s finding the perfect standout ‘big’ present, packing a sock with stocking fillers or choosing a thoughtful gift for your homeware-loving loved one, the Pascale Store Christmas gift guide has something for everyone.

pa’s 90th birthday lunch

This summer my Pa turned 90. The family gathered, as they do every summer, to celebrate in South-West France. The event was photographed for The Telegraph Magazine by the unbelievably talented and delightful Nicolas Blandin.