Simple, contemporary style, wide shallow bowl with a lovely glossy glaze and bisque fired underside

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Not just for pasta, we use this nicely proportioned wide shallow bowl for everything from morning yoghurt and compote to midday Salad Niçoise to suppertime beef stew and dumplings plus everything in between. So, SO useful.
20cm x 4.5cm diameter

We like this range so much we chose it for (and named it after) Market Café at New Street Market:
Modern, pretty and very, very useful it is perfect for everyday use. The bisque underside contrasts beautifully with a glossily glazed, hardwearing top. Made of stoneware, it is light, thin yet robust and comes in a range of lovely, soft colours that complement each other perfectly. Slip cast then glazed by hand, no two pieces are identical and these variations add to it’s unique, handmade appeal.
Available in grey and blue


Microwave proof
Dishwasher proof
Texture underneath my darken with age and exposure to oils