Natural wash detergent soap flakes

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Fer à Cheval is the oldest soap factory in Marseille still producing authentic Marseille soap.
Established in1864 the soap is still made in cauldrons from 4 ingredients to a recipe which dates back to 1688.
A natural soap, formulated from olive or vegetable oil, Fer à Cheval products are biodegradable, vegan, free from preservatives, solvents, perfume and colourants As kind to your skin, laundry and home as they are to the planet. Pure, unadulterated soap flakes – this little tub will provide up to 130 washes! Using this soap is a 2 step process, first dissolve 40g of the flakes in a litre of boiling water and once cooled you will be left with a soap gel. Store in a suitable container, stir before use and add a scoop to your machine or hand washing. Ideal for those who have allergies, sensitive skin or simply prefer a gentle, chemical and perfume free alternative to conventional washing products. It can also diluted in a bucket of water and used to wash walls, ceilings etc…