160cm x 50cm

This extra long bathroom mat has been specially hand woven by Felicity to work in front of a double sink or bath.

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Felicity Irons, is one of the last of the English rush weavers who is keeping alive a craft that dates back to Anglo Saxon times.The British freshwater rushes she uses, scirpus lacustris schoeneplectus, are grown and harvested on the Great River Ouse in Bedfordshire, and Cambridgeshire – a practice that is entirely sustainable.  The rushes are dried in the wind and sun – a totally natural practice that results in the varied rush colours which gradually change to a warm honey over time. For her bath mats Felicity plaits wide strips and hand stitches them together, the ends are finished with a beautifully woven ‘braid’ she weaves from the slimmest of the bullrushes she harvests. Each mat is a work of the most superb craftsmanship using entirely sustainable materials.