Handmade oven-to-table, lidded casserole dish in terracotta with a tin white glaze. Small

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At PASCALE everything is personal, we wouldn’t dream of stocking and selling anything we didn’t wish to own and use ourselves. Corinne de Haas ceramics are no exception.
For decades our entire family (partly South African) has collected de Haas ceramics.Beautiful, timeless and virtually indestructible they are true heirlooms somehow imbued with the Cape Town sunshine they were made under. We all have pieces we have owned, loved and used for more than twenty years.
Her pieces, are not just lovely they are totally functional too. Everything is entirely handmade, either thrown, built or moulded by Corinne and her team and  leaves and fish decorations are all carved by hand.
This beautiful, oval, lidded oven-to-table casserole dish features Corinne’s signature twisted handles and tin white glaze. A lighter alternative to cast iron versions it looks just as good serving up a summery vegetable stew as it does a beef ragôut. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Exclusive to PASCALE in the UK

25cm x 30cm x 8cm – Please allow a tolerance of up to 1cm as all items are handmade.