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  • Handmade in Norfolk from found and sa

  • Decorative birchwood tray<

  • Striking black board in a
  • Unique marble board perfec
  • Bridie Hall’s beautiful Alphabet Br

  • Decorative birchwood tray<

  • Simple, stylish, mouth blown carafe m

  • Here at PASCALE we are in love with the
  • A lovely shape with nice deep sides.<

  • Fairtrade basket woven in Morocco usi

  • Delicate in appearance yet perfectly stu

    24x5cm  1.4L



  • Oval oven-to-table French stoneware d

  • Ceramic Yellow kitchen cooking bowl serveware

    French stoneware 2.1 L  bowl with ye

  • Matte finish, stoneware jug with a so

  • Extra large towel 142cm x 76cm: Fully

  • Medium towel 76cm x 51cm : Fully reve

  • 19cm x 14cm x 13cm h
  • Vintage green fish dish

  • Portugese

  • Handcrafted i

  • Chic, square, lacquered wooden tray i

  • Hand carved bone salad servers.

  • Hand carved, practical and
  • Mouth blown glass crafted in Syria.

  • Serpentine and clay handma
  • H15  x  Ø 14cm
    Here at PASCA

  • H 20  x  Ø 18cm
    Here at PASC

  • Diameter: 30cm
    Height: 15.8cm

  • Lizard velvet cushion

    Large, square 100% cotton velvet cush

  • 10cm tall x 30cm diameter

  • 10.5cm tall x 18cm diameter