mother’s day

mother’s day

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Mother’s day

a special recipe and gift ideas

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. I’m lucky enough to be a mother myself and I know how important it is to me, far more so than anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas as being a mother to my own children and a maternal presence for my nephews, nieces, godchildren and the children of my friends is something that has made me happiest in my life.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the kind and caring women in our life whether a mother in the narrow traditional sense or not.

In these worrying times it seems especially important to celebrate these moments and give thanks for the mothers and mother figures in our lives be it with a special meal, a small gift, a card or a phone call.

On Mother’s Day we will be celebrating with a special meal we will all cook together – nothing fancy – it’s about time with the family and enjoying each other’s company.

The chicken recipe ‘Orange-Oregano Roast Chicken with Olive Gremolata is taken from Diana Henry’s excellent book ‘Simple’.

Orange and oregano roast chicken served in a Homata dish from Pascale Store
The Tunisian bowls by Homata

We allow 2 thighs per person and marinate them for 3 hours in a mix of olive oil, garlic, oregano, orange zest and juice with a teaspoon of sugar, simply roasted and garnished with a sort of gremolata of finely chopped green olives, garlic, deseeded red chilies, the zest and juice of a small orange, extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

This is the kind of approximate casual cooking I love.

We serve it with steamed basmati rice flavoured with cardamom and saffron and spring cabbage, simply stir fried in very hot olive oil.

We serve everything in the lovely Tunisian bowls by Homata

Below is a tiny selection of some of my favourite things from the shop, anything you order will come already gift wrapped in navy blue paper tied with striped yellow flax yarn. 

A glass teapot from Pascale Store
juliet teapot

Herbs are starting to remerge in my garden and I love an evening tisane. The Juliet teapot is as pretty as it is functional.

A giant porcelain citrus squeezer from Corinne de Haas/Pascale Store
Corinne de Haas giant lemon squeezer 

I simply love this, handmade, timeless, beautiful. I have had one of these, filled with lemons, on my counter top for 20 years. It works brilliantly too. The photographer who shot the images and squeezed the lemon described it as the best lemon squeezer he’d ever used.

A hand cream from Pascale Store
Feret Rose Balm and Rose Hyalomiel Hand Gelee

Now we are all washing our hands more it’s particularly important to keep your skin moisturised to prevent cracking. These lovely products made with organic French honey and dandelion have been getting rave reviews from customers. Both particularly good if you have eczema, psoriasis or just very dry skin. Also available in violet fragrance

Medium navy candle holder from pascale store
Medium navy candle holder

A pair of these with some colourful True Grace candles will brighten any table and colourful mixed ‘bouquet’ of candles is a lovely gift in lieu of flowers.

a Yellow rimmed bowl from Digoin/Pascale Store
Digoin Terrine Paris No 14

Sunshine yellow to brighten the gloomiest day. This very large bowl is big enough to prove dough, serve salad to a crowd or fill with fruit. It is just lovely.

To ensure delivery by Mother’s Day, orders for standard delivery must be place by noon Wednesday 18th March, and noon Thursday 19th for Express Delivery.